Shamma Academy

Our history

who we are

Sami Shamma, B.S., G.C.I.E., M.A., G.C.I.C., D.Min. has been teaching Arabic for over 20 years. He has taught Modern Standard Arabic and Qur’anic Arabic at a number of colleges and universities including Manhattanville College, Trinity College (Hartford, CT) and Hartford Seminary. He currently serves as a chaplain with the Connecticut Department of Corrections where he has taught Arabic to incarcerated individuals. Additionally, Dr. Shamma has an extensive background in international business, he has lived in 12 different countries and has visited over 85.

our mission

Our main mission is to spread the knowledge of the Qur’an. We do that through providing Qur’anic Arabic books, classes, tutoring and online lectures and also providing reflections on the Qur’an in English. This is not a commentary on the Qur’an or an attempt to translate the Qur’an, it is personal reflections based on my learning from my teachers and mentors, as well as my own.